The farm is private property, we do not offer walk-ins. Please only come during your scheduled day and time or during event times. If you have any questions please text or email us.

What is the required age for goat yoga? 5 years and up for the safety of the goats and children.

Are there refunds? There are no refunds however we do understand life happens and we will honor rescheduling.

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We are in Michigan so inclement weather does happen – we will push on if safe or inside or reschedule the class.

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What should I bring? A yoga mat or towel unless you like being on the grass. We do have a few extras you can borrow but those go fast. Water bottle, camera, and smiles!

Can I bring food for me or the goats? Please do not bring food in the goat area and don’t bring food for the goats. They are on a special diet and get treats from us.

Do you have private events? Yes, we do for 10 people and up! Please contact us on our contact us page

Do I have to participate in yoga, or be at a certain level of yoga to participate? No, all levels are welcome and you certainly can just snuggle with the goats!

Do goats poop on you or the mats? Yes, it does happen from time to time. They are not dogs or cats but farm animals and they are just doing their thing.

Do goats bite or headbutt? Goats are curious animals, they will nibble at your things. We do recommend leaving most items in the car or hanging them on the fence. Yes they headbutt, that is how they play and are not intentionally trying to hurt you. They just want to be pet and cuddled.

Is it a form of Animal-Assisted Therapy? We think so! The focus of the class is to combine nature, goats and yoga to disconnect from the stresses of life. Combining all three things is very therapeutic and a happy distraction from whatever you may be going through.